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Over 100 New Companies Looking for Virtual Assistants
by JobsHome

Posted on Jun 16, 2019 at 06:53:44 PM

Over 100 New Companies Looking for Virtual Assistants

Over 100 new companies have been added to JobsHome client's list this pass week. These hiring firms are looking for dedicated virtual assistants to perform a number of tasks including data entry, typing, research, writing, customer service, accounting and programming. Join and apply today to be the first in line.

More and more companies that are looking for virtual assistants are using our services to find them. These corporations prefer to use services such as ours because of the ease of using an outside source to find the right candidate.

JobsHome and similar businesses screen potential candidates by giving them a test, making them fill out a questionnaire or - in our case - just getting their resume and determining which jobs would be a good fit for an employer.

JobsHome eliminates the work out of screening applicants for companies which saves them millions of dollars a year. We also help the virtual assistants by finding the jobs for them and matching them with the perfect employer and job.

Our services are becoming very popular for both the workers and the ones seeking the workers. JobsHome makes everything more simple and easy and takes the hard work out of the employment process.